April 2012 63rd Championship Show

Friday 6th April 2012

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Judge – Mr John Sullivan (Vic)

Firstly, what an honour it was to judge at this very well organised and run show. Well done to all the committee.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the weather and the sportsmanship made it a very pleasurable day.

These critiques are my opinion only and the intention is that we as breeders and judges are to try and help create the perfect dog. Through my 30 plus years involvement in the breed I have had a clear belief for what I prefer, so I would like to explain my logic and reasons behind the points of this breed that are dear to me, and which influenced my decisions today.

Our breed should be graceful – we have one of the few standards that emphasises this, they should be moderately long and they should have a smooth outline with perfect balance.   Balance for me is about statically and kinetically, standing and moving. The grace comes from the smooth lines down the neck, with a slight arch, into the shoulders, across the back, sloping gently down to a well set on tail (our old standard called for a slight rise over the loin).

Heads were an issue as some of the male heads were far too heavy, the heads on the bitches were softer and more appealing.  Remember Border Collies are a moderate dog with no exaggerations.  Some dogs today looked balanced on the stack but lost this when on the move and visa versa.  The unique stealthy movement in our breed is not created by lower fronts and higher back ends, it is the by the harmony of correct conformation and correct movement.  A slight lowering of the head and retaining a correct topline.  Most dogs moved well.  The major area of concern to me was shape, we had square dogs and we had long dogs with short legs, these are not balanced, remember our standard calls for graceful and well balanced.  Although movement is an important part of a Border Collie – type is paramount.  So taking all that into consideration, please accept my critiques constructively.


Best In Show - CH TRUCHARM ON THE RUN - S & K Leslie (pictured left)

Runner Up to Best In Show- GR CH DANARI DATEWITH DESTINY - P & T Wheatley

(pictured right)




Best Baby Puppy In Show - DANARI DUMMY SPIT  -  P & T Wheatley (pictured right)

Very well balanced baby with good height to length ratio. Well boned with lovely forequarters.  Nice on the move.  Very promising baby.

Best Opposite Baby Puppy In Show -DANARI DIZZY LIZZY  -  P & T Wheatley (pictured left)

Well balanced baby with good neck into shoulders, good topline and croup. Moved very well.




Best Minor Puppy In Show - KORELLA CASTA SHADOWK Standfield (pictured left)

Good size puppy with good front angulation. He held his balance on the move. Good eye colour.

Best Opposite Minor Puppy In Show - PUKAWIDGEE KAILIS  -  W & P Nicholls (pictured right)

Well balanced with smooth outline.  Good neck and forequarter. Would like to see her as a mature bitch.




Best Puppy In Show - TULLAVIEW THE DEVIL IN DENIM  -  P & C Smith (pictured left)

Overall nicely balanced and good sized Blue and White Dog with nice reach of neck.  Moved very well. Ears not settled yet.

Best Opposite Puppy In Show - NAHROF RAISE YOUR GLASS  -  L Somers/E Badior (pictured right)

Well balanced with good reach of neck.  Won me on the move.




Best Junior In Show - TEHYA DESTINY CALLS  -  T Bailey (pictured left)

This bitch was a standout in the class with lovely shape.  Neck flowing nicely into shoulders.  Good mover

Best Opposite Junior In Show - TEHYA DESTINY ALL TOLD  -  T Bailey (pictured right)

Very nice style of dog with lovely expression. Good eye colour.   Would have preferred a slight more length of leg to finish of the balance.




Best Intermediate In Show - DANARI DOCTOR McDREAMY  -  P & T Wheatley (pictured left)

This dog was well balanced both standing and on the move. He has good bone and well shaped feet. He carried a lovely coat and to top it off had a very pleasing head.

Best Opposite Intermediate In Show - NEECABE SIERRA MADRE

- S Hannigan (pictured right)

This bitch was best for both head type and overall shape.  Good reach of neck and nice croup.  Moved well.




Best Australian Bred In Show - GR CH BORDALACE FLASH N DASH PT

A Cowin (pictured left)

A dog of good size and very masculine.  Very well balanced and sound mover. Very good expression.  Performed well for Aust Bred in Show

Best Opposite Australian Bred In Show - GR CH NAHROF RHYME N REASON

L Somers/E Badior (pictured right)

Nice expression with good reach of neck and good topline.  Although well balanced and sound standing tended to lose topline on the move.




Best Open In Show - CH TRUCHARM ON THE RUN  -  S & K Leslie (pictured left)

This dog epitomizes breed type with no exaggeration. A moderate dog with good head type, correct neck into shoulders with good strong topline and to top it all off moved with purpose.  He and the handler gave it all.  A credit to his breeder.

Best Opposite Open In Show - GR CH DANARI DATEWITH DESTINY - P & T Wheatley (pictured right)

Lovely balanced bitch throughout.  Held her shape both standing and on the move.  Very feminine bitch with a very sweet expression.  She has a graceful outline and lovely set on of tail. Shown in excellent condition.  A well deserved Runner Up in Show.




Dog Challenge - CH TRUCHARM ON THE RUN  -  S & K Leslie (pictured left)

Reserve Dog Challenge - CH DANARI DOCTOR McDREAMY  -  P & T Wheatley (pictured right)

Chall Dog


Dog Challenge Line Up

Dog Chall Line



Bitch Challenge - GR CH DANARI DATEWITH DESTINY - P & T Wheatley (pictured left)

Reserve Bitch Challenge - GR CH TEHYA TWILIGHTS FIRE ET - Allclarity Kennels (pictured right)

Another excellent bitch with a smooth outline who moved effortlessly around the ring.  In top condition and shown to perfection.  Preferred the head type of the class winner.

Chall Bitch


Bitch Challenge Line Up

Bitch Chall Line



Best Neuter In Show - NEUTER CH/CH NAHROF MADISON AVENUE  -  M Aldous (pictured left)

Best Opposite Neuter In Show - BORDATAZ PRINCE OF STARS  -  B Fowler

(pictured left)






Judge: Mr E Hardwicke (NSW)

Sire & Progeny - GR CH BORDALACE FLASH N DASH PT  -  A Cowin

Sire & Progeny


Dam & Progeny - CH NAHROF SCATTERED PAGES  -  L Somers/E Badior

Dam & Progeny


Champion Headed & Best Headed Dog - GR CH NAHROF MORE THAN WORDS

   -  L Somers/E Badior

Headed Dog


Best Headed Bitch - NEECABE SIERRA MADRE   -  S Hannigan

Headed Bitch


Champion Coated & Best Coated Dog - GR CH NAHROF NO MORE MR ICE GUY (AI)  

L Somers/E Badior

Coated Dog



Coated Bitch


Champion Gaited & Best Gaited Bitch - CH NAHROF LET THE INC DRY 

L Somers/E Badior

Champion Gaited


Best Gaited Dog - GR CH SYRYNE ALTAIR O AQUILAE HSAs  -  S Fossey

Gaited Dog


Best Footed - CH NAHROF WHITE COLLAR CRIME  -  A Bennet/L Somers/E Badior



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